Why Do You Need A Wildcard SSL certification?

Marketing on April 26, 2017 ssl certificate

You must have got a clear understanding of single and multi-domain SSL certification. Moving on to the next level, let’s talk about a wildcard SSL certification and its relevance for a business.


The Wildcard SSL certificates offer a holistic coverage against any kind of security or privacy threats to all the sub-domains on a single root domain. This certification is a blessing for those websites that have huge transaction requirements. It ensures the privacy of a complete website URL and its sub domains. In simpler terms, various subdomains having a common name will be secured via a single wildcard SSL certificate. The right way to move ahead with this kind of security is to simply add an asterisk (*) in the sub-domain area of the common name.


Here are the reasons for which you need to invest in wildcard certificates:

  • # The validation process for wildcard certificates is quite similar to those of single and multi-domain certification. But, there might be a requirement for a unique IP address to cover each domain and its sub-domains.
  • # There are various benefits of opting for HTTPS in place of HTTP, but the same can get daunting for a new establishment. Opting for a wildcard SSL certification is acting as a boon for the companies having multiple sub-domains in a single domain.
  • # Attaining a wildcard SSL certificate reduces the possibility of attackers to intercept the flow of data between the web server and the client. Hence, this certification is an absolute necessity for e-commerce organizations, where sensitive data is involved.
  • # Having a single wildcard SSL certificate helps to secure all related sub-domains of the principal domain, hence there is no need to get individual certifications for each domain.
  • # An SSL certification allows you to specify additional host names, such as email addresses, IP details, and URLs etc. that will get protected by a single certificate. Moreover, you can secure a huge number of subdomains that too at a reasonable price.
  • # In addition to being a cost-saving choice, these certificates are quite easy to manage.
    With a wildcard certification, you would be required to manage only one certificate for all your domains and this also eradicates the need for regular renewals.


If you believe your business needs a wildcard SSL certificate, it is high time that you must avail one and make your life simpler.