Website Redesigning Checklist To Keep Seo Rankings Unaffected

Marketing on November 21, 2017 000

Change is an inevitable part of life and only those who move parallel to it are able to taste success. The same holds true in the business world as it is subject to the most frequent changes. Every businessman is working with a common goal to fetch great profits while being at a competitive market position. One of the biggest change that was introduced in the business world was coming of the concept of website development. This helped the businesses gain a strong identity by reaching the target audience in a planned and result-oriented manner. Now, the shift has been made from website development to website redesign.


It is a proven fact that redesigning the website will definitely bring a fresh look to the existing website and make it even attractive. Every change is challenging and to reap the most out of it, it is very important to act in a thoughtful manner. Redesigning involves changes in the layout, content, links, and many other aspects. Each of these factors can impact the SEO rankings in a positive or negative way as the case may be.


Hence, it is of utmost importance to take steps that will make the redesigning profitable in short run as well as long run.


Here an attempt has been made to showcase the essential guidelines that must be kept in mind before, while and after redesigning so as to keep the rankings unaffected.


Before Launch: Before the launch of the redesigned website, it is important to build temporary development URL and check if the new design is properly being supported by the server. Also, it is very important to perform audits on the previous website and review the internal as well as external links. Furthermore, do not forget to check the template pages. Building Temporary Development URL.


Here are the key guidelines that must be followed before the launch


1-Audit your Previous Site
2-Keyword URL Mapping
3-Use Relevant Keyword Per Page
4-Create SEO Friendly URLs
5-Make a Redirect List for 301 URL Mapping
6-Review Internal or External Links
7-Analyze Mobile Compatibility
8-Check Website Performance
9-Check Image Size
10-Privacy Policy & Legal Compliance Pages
12-Check Contact, About Us & 404 Page
13-Eliminate Meta Keywords
14-Add Subscribe & Share Buttons
15-Find Search Console Errors
16-Make a Fresh New Robots. Text
17-Benchmark Existing Search Engine Metrics


During Launch: There are certain care tips that are to be adopted during the launch make the entire exercise absolutely profitable. The very initial step is to handle the site as per the monitoring plan that was prepared. Also, it is important to keep an eye on the codes placement to see how these actually perform. In addition to this, it is important to be extra careful while reindexing with the search console.


Here are the key guidelines that must be followed during the launch:


1-Check Your Redesigned Website
2-Get Ready with a Warning Message
3-Handle Site with Monitoring Plan
4-Keep Tracking Codes Placement
5-Set Analytics Goals
6-Launch Time
7-Check Out the Robots.txt
8-Focus on Search Console Settings
9-Use Disavow Files
10-Reindexing with Search console
11-Annotation in Google Analytics


After Launch: After the execution part comes the need to check and analyze the performance so as to get a clear picture of the site performance. Now is the time to spot the console errors and resolve any server log errors. This is an ideal time to renew the URLs to the social media covers.


Here are the key guidelines that must be followed after the launch:


1-Find Search Console Errors
2-Audit & Compare New Site
3-Resolve Server Logs Error
4-Renew the URLs to Social Media Covers & Redesign
5-Take Time to Manage Website
6-Check out the Indexed Page
7-Indexable Pages are Easily Crawled
8-Determine Cached Date for Indexed URLs
9-Remove Unwanted Backlinks from New Domain
10-Rebuild Backlinks
11-Keep an Eye on Search Traffic
12-Keep Analyzing the SEO Visibility


The above-elaborated are some of the most important factors that need to be taken care of so as to keep the rankings unaffected. Following the same will prove to be of great help in fetching a competitive position on the web.