The Evolution Of SEO Over The Years

Marketing on April 22, 2016 SEO-Evolution

Digital marketing technology is rather like high fashion. The trends that were acceptable and even widely followed suddenly find themselves obsolete without even a hint of warning. Over the time, the job of an SEO has changed and there are various reasons behind it. Let’s have a deep knowledge what does an SEO do really nowadays, and how their role has evolved over the years?


Here are some changes that SEO has evolved over the past decade:

On-Page Optimization: In the old days while on-page optimization, SEO would map only 2-5 keyword for each URL and optimize the page accordingly for these keywords. But, now a page can rank for a lot of related keywords. This proves a better way as having those content which fulfills the needs of what users are looking for is a better experience instead of just being match with the specific keyword strings.

The modern day SEO is a mixture of optimizing existing content and creating and optimizing new content that meets end-users’ demands to enforce your brand and capture social signals and links to rank higher in the SERPs. Whereas, previously it was all about only optimizing the landing pages.

Devices: Back in the day, people make use of only desktops as it was the only way to surf the web. Now, the mobiles are taking over the place of the desktops and a large fraction of people are making use of mobile to consume the content. Therefore, it is a must for SEOs to optimize the mobile experience, especially apps, and making sure that pages load within two seconds.

Local: In the past several years, Google has changed its local results several times- from the 10 packs to 7 and now it’s 3-pack. Moreover, in old days, it was easy to spam the listings but now, local is all about positive reviews and more traditional ranking signals.evolution-of-seo

Social: Before the days of social networks, the digital marketers use email and instant messaging. Today, social media is in more trend and in order to increase brand exposure, connect businesses with their audience and drive consumer engagement, it is necessary to work in co-ordination with all the big social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Links: A remarkable factor in search engine rankings, Link building has changed dramatically over the years. In the early days of SEO, it was all about link quantity — the more links to your site, the better. But today, it’s not just about quantity, it’s all about quality. Links from authorized sites and sites relevant to your own are more heavily weighted. It is a must for SEOs today to create high-quality content and follow the relevant links.

Technical SEO: In the last few years, it has not been changed much. However, SEOs make sure that their clients built their site in a mobile friendly manner and optimize it to load as quick as possible.

Now it is sure that SEO has changed a lot over the years and we must adapt to it. If you are also looking for an SEO who make use of all the latest SEO techniques, you can visit us.

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