The Best-Recommended SEO Audit Tools to Perform Website SEO Audit in 2018

Marketing on January 3, 2018 seo-audit-2018

It is fact that search engine optimization has successfully emerged as a trend among the business professionals, especially those who wish to accelerate the business on the internet. With the advancement of the internet technology, the lifestyle of the individuals is largely influenced and today, a huge number of people are well-connected and have easy access to accurate information. Following the change, many business enterprises have deployed their websites and are successfully adopting numerous SEO tactics to attract the target customer.

The good news is that we have easy availability of a number of SEO audit tools, and we just need to go with the one that exactly matches our specific requirements.

Here are some of the best-known SEO Audit Tools that one can look forward to in 2018:

Website Analysis Tools: The first and the most important category of tools include those tools that help in website analysis. Proper website analysis plays a crucial role in improving the ranking of a website and attracting traffic.

Here are some best-known website analysis tools:

Website Analyzer: It is one of the most dependable website analysis tools that is known to be extremely beneficial for checking varied SEO related issues that might occur on a particular website. The best feature of the tool is that it is freely available and keeps a sharp eye on the varied aspects such as search engine ranking, Alexa, and alt tag website speed etc.

Woorank Website Review: It is a leading website review website, which is a leading competitive research service that is functioning in the field of online marketing. This is of great help to the marketers to make decent choices in online marketing.

Content Tool: As they say, the content is an extremely powerful marketing entity that can fetch really good clients, these tools exactly work on this aspect. A search engine crawler functions with the support of quality content, which definitely acts as a bridge between the end users and the business.

Let us gain clarity on some of the most preferred content tools:


Convert Word Document Into HTML: As the name clarifies, the tool helps to convert a word document into an HTML content. It has proved to be of extreme help for the SEO professionals as it brings instant results.


Copyscape: One of the most significant attributes of a quality content is that the same should not be plagiarized. This tool basically helps to check content duplicate from those already available. It assists SEO experts in publishing absolutely unique content.


Grammarly: It is a reliable grammar checking tool that helps in professional grammar checking, quick proofreading, and even in plagiarism detection. This is a complete package to attain quality content.

Keyword Research Tool: Every SEO professional will agree with the fact that an optimized keyword plays a very important role in attaining a leading position and decent rankings on the web. These tools ultimately help to fetch great rankings.

WordStream: This is a freely available keyword search tool that easily comes up with approximately thousands of keywords that are sought from a huge database.


YouTube Keyword Tool: This is a very powerful tool that easily works for all kinds of content.

Analyze Content Performance: The last, but definitely not the least category of tools include those that help to analyze the performance of the content.

Here are some of the best available tools falling into this category:

Buzzsumo: The basic functioning of this tool is to identify the most shared content on the web. Furthermore, it is a great tool for performing efficient content marketing and SEO campaigns.

The above-listed SEO audit tools have been carefully designed by the experts to perform certain specific tasks. Each one must be well-understood before use so as to make the best of these advancements.