The Significance of Online Reputation Management

Marketing on June 13, 2016 Online Reputation Management by MarketingAdventure

Reputation management shows the impact of a specific brand on mass audiences. Formerly, it was coined as a term of public relations, but, with the advancement of the Internet and social media, it has been changed as an end product of online marketing. This management mainly includes responding to customer queries, using clients’ feedback to improve a brand and asking websites to suppress any negative comments or inappropriate information.

The value of online reputation management (ORM) has increased enormously with the advent of social networking websites, wherein customers can post their views on brands, organizations, services, etc. Once your reputation is lost, the impact will be felt right on your business. As in this age of connectivity, through the growing fame of social networking sites, the consumers’ buying decisions are highly influenced by the reviews and comments that buzz around the social sites and forums.

ORM is significant because:

  • i)   A single negative campaign can destruct the reputation and integrity of a brand or a business in a few seconds that entrepreneurs have built over a long time .
  • ii)  A negative video on any of the social media website can ruin the long earned credibility of a firm
  • iii) A rumor on Facebook or Twitter can destroy the image of a brand

The ORM services can help to keep up the good reputation achieved. It protects the image and esteem of a brand by observing and keeping an eye on the comments and reviews, posted by the user or customers.

Basically, online reputation management is the process of controlling what seems over the screen, when someone looks for a brand name on the Internet. The ORM service providers promote the positive content and press down unwanted content to make sure that when someone searches a particular brand, the results appear to be relevant and positive.