Marketing Adventure believes in helping its clients as far as possible and therefore allows a liberal refund and cancellation policy. Following are some crucial terms of our policy:

Cancellation Policy

# Cancellation will be considered only if the request is made within 7-10 days of placing an order. However, it will be not considered if the project has been started already.

# No refund will be possible if once fee is paid, even if a subscriber posted cancellation within 12 hours of payment.

# All cancellation request should be sent to our accounts and billing department and it will be not valid until it is confirmed by the respective department.

# A service is automatically canceled if you have not make the payments within a week of scheduled date.

Refund Policy

# Every service that we offer at Nettechnocrats is accomplished using different methods do the refund policy for each service is also different.

# We employ certain resources to complete and finish any certain project, so there is no any money back policy available for completed projects.

# Any fee made in the form of administrative fee or installation charges will not be refundable.

# Taxes which are paid on service levied by regulatory bodies will not be refunded.

# Marketing Adventure will not be held responsible for any delay or service disruptions that happen due to any third party involvement.


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