Get more qualified results from YSM Ad campaigns

A strong alternative and very similar to Google Adwords, Yahoo search marketing services deliver highly personalized and result driven results on your online advertising investment.

Control your online marketing expenses with a budget

By running your ads on Yahoo, you can easily connect with one-third of the search market. Free to set up, easy to control and measure your results, with yahoo search marketing services, you can set your budget and pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Here are some of the benefits :

– High Return on Investments
– Geo-targeting for local businesses
– Costs less than Google
– Business-oriented than Google
– Campaign budgeting and scheduling
– Large distribution network


Our best PPC practices for the Yahoo platforms:
Understanding your business and clients, our search marketing professionals start designing the YMS campaign with our innovative search engine marketing strategies for your business. Some of our specific strategies are:

– Create small, focused ad groups that ensure relevancy between ads and landing pages.
– Thorough keyword research to find the best keywords that cost you less and get targeted traffic.
– Make use of the keyword in bold forms in ad text to show that ad is relevant.
– Send users to a relevant, optimized landing page to increase conversions.
– Create multiple ads- at least two per group


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