Six Things to Consider before Signing off on Paid Search Management Software

Marketing on September 7, 2016 paid marketing

Paid search management software a quick and effective advertising platform that has all the glitz and glam of a new-age technological marvel. This software manages all your accounts very smoothly. After all, human make mistakes- computer don’t. Right?

Well, this may be over credit as these software are only a pre-designed software that can’t see the good and bad consequences of each action again and again. So, if you want to avoid this mistake in your paid search account, here are six questions you should consider before signing off on paid search management software:

1) Why am I doing this?

The first thing you really need to ask yourself is why you are actually considering the software purchase. If you are only thinking about it to keep up with the competition, it doesn’t really mean. In fact, if all your competitors are switching to automation, a personal touch on your account may be just the edge you need to pull ahead. Moreover, if you have a big enough account that you feel that you’re spending a lot of time and money on jobs a trained paid professional could do, then you might benefit from an automated solution.

2) Can I report on marketing revenue?

Your paid software will do anything you will tell it to do. Like if you say for more clicks it will modify your account to maximize ad clicks. If you want more conversions, it will modify accordingly. But, these are not just what you want for your business.

Before you consider to hire a software manager for yourself, you should hire one that can advertise for you to increase your sale, not just clicks and conversions. Be sure that you are allowed to track your revenue that your marketing generates.

3) How many conversions do I get?

Up ’till now, we were addressing paid search management software as a “trained monkey”. You know it takes a lot of repetition in training a monkey. The same goes for the paid search management software.

As a rule of thumb, it takes about 50 conversions per day for your software to figure out what works and what doesn’t. SO, if you are not driving this many leads, you probably think to put some TLC into improving your performance before you try handing it off to an automated program.

4) Does my account really need this software?

If you have less than 10 campaigns and 100 keywords, you’re probably just fine to run things on your own. Instead of this, if you have a complex account with hundreds of campaigns and 1000 keywords you might be better off delegating some of your day-to-day management tasks to a software program.

5) Can I get this for free?

Last but not the least, if you’ve feel that automation is a good fit for you, then consider this: “Do you really need to pay for it?” In recent years, platforms like Google Adwords and Bing Ads have added a lot of basic account management features like automatic bidding, pausing ineffective keywords and sending email alerts. So, before you buy any expensive software package, it’s probably worth your while to look into these native features and you could find the functions on your wish list are already available for free.

By now, we can say that Paid search management programs have some powerful computing ability and many wonderful features. The point has been drive in the blog is only that these software solutions aren’t a replacement for a skilled marketer. At the end, you just have to give a think whether your business is right or wrong for paid search management software.