Must-Try SEO Trends For SEO Experts in 2017

Marketing on May 19, 2017 SEO 2017

The scope of digital marketing is evolving with every passing second. Each moment a new addition is being introduced so as to help the individuals as well as businesses to reap the most out of it.


In general terms, search engine optimization is a process of securing great rankings of the website of a business on the most-used search engines. It is the trendiest and the most effective digital marketing tool that has served diverse clients and helped them to attain a competitive position. One thing that demands attention is the fact that while handling SEO, regular speculations are common due to the fact that Google is very frequent in updating its norms.


With the fast-growing advancements, it has become really important to keep the processes up to the mark and in accordance with the upcoming changes.


Here is a comprehensive list of the latest SEO trends that the experts must know in 2017:

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):
    In order to improve the quality of user interfaces, the AMP has been introduced. This allows fast page loading, and it even makes a page mobile-simplified with better readability.
  • Rich Snippets:
    Being one of the latest features by Google, these are acting and the most important attention seekers. These are making a super fantastic contribution towards simplifying the user research. These are acting like a summary of the queries shared by the users. These can help to generate favorable SEO results.
  • Voice Search:
    Voice search is a great time-saving addition and it allows the user to perform Google search without even typing. This is a great time-saving feature that people are effortlessly using on their smartphones.
  • Targeting Mobile Searches:
    There has been a dramatic shift from desktop searches to the mobile searches and hence, the marketers have made their respective websites absolutely mobile friendly. This has become the need of the hour so as to increase the conversion rates.
  • User-Focus Optimization:
    Users have always remained the king and almost all the processes revolve around fulfilling their specific requirements. It won’t be wrong to mention today, all SEO efforts are running around the keywords generated by tracking the user search pattern.
  • Cross-channel Marketing:
    Another latest trend that is ruling the digital marketing is the concept of cross-channel marketing. In simple terms, the marketers can conveniently engage the prospective users via any device. In simple terms, this denotes use of varied social media platforms in an integrated way.
  • Video Content Posting:
    Everyone knows that nobody has the time to go through the entire content, hence the concept of video content came into pictures. Videos are convenient to follow and share and it gives a fair idea of the businesses to the clients.