Make Your Life Simpler With Mobile SEO For Voice Search

Marketing on January 29, 2018 mobile-seo

The way people used to search for information on the web is dramatically changing. One of the latest additions is the use of voice search feature on their devices such as smartphones, tablets and even voice assistants such as Amazon Echo and the Google Home devices. The Apple users will definitely agree to the fact that Siri is more like a best friend and it has the perfect answer to all the questions. Coming to Android supported devices, the Google voice search is the most popular. It is compatible with Android devices whereas, Microsoft’s Cortana is extremely useful for PC and smartphone with the support of an application.


Researchers prove that there is about 60 percent of searches that are being performed on a mobile device. Due to a significant increase in the number of searches performed via mobile devices, the concept of voice search has gained much popularity. With a change in the processes, even the SEO professionals have started coming up with new ways to plan and implement search engine optimization techniques.


The SEO professionals are seen to experience turbulence with the coming of voice search feature. Many awareness programs are even being conducted to spread much awareness on the concept and in such sessions, essential tips on how the SEO professionals should mould their thought processes and come up with something essential and future-oriented.


Welcome to a New Search World:


We have easy access to highly efficient digital assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Google and Alexa and the same has helped to make the search process much time to save and accurate. The user simply needs to speak up their query and these latest voice devices will use that instruction to come up with matching results. The new technique is much natural and easier for even those who are not that much tech savvy. There are many tasks that can now be performed by simply using the voice. Tasks like playing music, turning on the flashlight, or finding results for a near chemist shop, everything can be done easily with the coming of this feature.


One of the interesting attributes of this new technique is that it has noticeably improved the inter-connectivity between varied devices. The next big question is that how can the voice search be optimised? The initial concept of keyword optimisation came in the mid-1990s and since then, users have successfully learned how to mindfully enter keyword phrases to find relevant information on the web. The voice searches are more natural and even more conversational in tone. Hence, it is of much importance to keep this in mind that the main objective behind the launch of these new technologies is that these are expected to come up with fine-tuned results for the on-the-go searchers. Go ahead and give a warm welcome to this new addition of mobile SEO for voice search to come out as a leader working in the domain.