How To Reach The Milestone of 100000 Visitors In Just 12 Months?

Marketing on July 11, 2017 website traffic

Every business aims to get good rankings, but this is not at all an easy task to accomplish. It takes a lot of time, energy, knowledge, and effort to achieve this milestone. It is a fact that an increase in the number of visitors results in more signups and increased number of purchases leading to better revenue.

Search engine optimization is the key to this problem and here, we have made an attempt to showcase the most successful SEO strategies that can help to achieve a mind-blowing milestone of 100,000 visitors from the scrap.

Some of the general tips that must always be kept in mind are:

  • # Go slow and never indulge into unnecessary compulsions
  • # The strategic links must be attached to the most important pages.
  • # Perform passive link acquisition as the same helps to gain momentum.
  • # Content creation must be intentionally done on optimized keywords
  • # Go for high-value opportunities.

While taking good care of the above-listed factors, try the below-listed strategies so as to win the situation:

1. Always begin at a low speed with your newly designed website. The best way to determine the traffic value is through SEMrush and this helps to build a strong standing in the competitive market. On identification of the potential opportunities, quality content targeting the specific SERPs is developed.

2. The second strategy indicates securing links to important pages. One thing that demands attention here is that the number of links needed must be reasonable depending on several factors like page, site, type of query and many others. Also, the link pages must be extremely relevant as per the content.

3. Construct passive link acquisition channels as it helps in ensuring that the links are secure. Use high definition original photography in order to accurately attract passive links. Try not to use watermarked pictures because original ones are easier to cite.

4. Attaining good rankings is not the end of the chapter. One needs to keep coming up over time and be constant with the efforts in order to maintain the rank. It is a common fact that more visibility attracts more visitors and hence, satisfying their need must be on top-priority. Once the momentum starts boosting, it is time to improve quality so as to meet the increasing client expectations.

Try these strategies under the guidance of a search engine optimization expert and you will surely end up attaining the dream target of 100000 visitors. And Of course, it demands patience and regular hard work 😉