Google Search Console metrics is now completely merged into Google Analytics

Marketing on May 13, 2016 googleanalytics

Google Search Console and Google Analytics both are the two important factors or services that provide insight into your website’s performance.

While there is some overlapping between these two services, the main difference between them is that Search Console focuses on how Google interpret and interact with your website, and Google Analytics focuses on how people interpret and interact with your website.

These both services are a valuable tool in determining the overall performance of your website and can work even better when combined.

Fortunately, there is a good news that Google has announced that now they have deeply integrated these both services. Under the Acquisition tab, you may now see a new section named “Search Console,” that has replaced the “Search Engine Optimization” tab.

Now, this new search console combines the data the both sources, into one report. This new search console has mainly four sections which are namely Landing Pages, Countries, Devices, and Queries. As a joint report, the first three sections will show both Search Console and Google Analytics data while the Queries report will only show Search Console data for individual queries.

This new major change was announced by Google recently, i.e. on 12th May and will roll out to the users over the next few weeks, so keep checking for it in Google Analytics.