Google conforms to redesign the AdWords completely

Marketing on May 6, 2016 Adwords

At the end of the March, the company announced the start of a major redesign process of the AdWords interface. The last time when Google touched up AdWords was in May 2008.

Paul Feng, AdWords product management director, said that the reason behind this rebuilding is the increased demand of marketers on Adwords as a platform. He said that AdWords is now 15 years old and the world has changed so much in the past two years. Advertisers are running their ads in search, display, shopping, mobile, video. Ultimately, that’s why we’re re-designing AdWords.

The company has also assured, unlike the enhanced campaign update, the redesign will not affect the way the campaigns are structured or run. With this change, their main focus is on updating the way data is displayed and what is shown when.

However, the company has also announced to show a live demo of the overhaul of the AdWords interface during Google’s annual Performance Summit that is going to be held upcoming May 24 in San Francisco.