Get Tips to Make Your Organic Listings More Effective

Marketing on January 5, 2017

Are you a savvy digital marketer who follows Google best practices and always look for ways to improve organic search rankings ?

If yes, I would suggest you to step ahead and look at the basics of your organic SERP listing. One area that is often overlooked by most of the digital marketers is click- through rate (CTR) which is highly related to organic listings. Regardless how much you improve your ranking, if your listing is not compelling it’ wont convert clicks to leads. Below is a slide that will emphasize on how CTR plays a vital role-

effective organic listings

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Google has yet not confirmed that CTR is a direct ranking factor still digital marketers are trying to make organic listings more compelling to searchers. Here, we begin with the recommendations to improve organic search results and handle traffic-

1. Find low click – through rate pages

In analytics, go to navigate to Acquisition > Search Console > Landing Pages and export the data into an excel document. Find pages containing high impressions, low average position and low CTR. This analysis will help you to find the list of landing pages to be improved.

2. Expand title tags

For increasing the CTR for a listing it’s important to improve the potency of the page title. In 2014, Google changed the limit of the title tag depending on pixel length which end in the reduction of organic title tag width but later this limit was expanded with a 17 percent increase.

3. Create more compelling meta tags

Best page titles should be like newspaper headlines which are interesting, descriptive and often raise emotions. Below is an example which will help you differentiate between boring and compelling headlines-

Best page titles


Try out the above mentioned recommendations and you will notice the change in your website traffic with the increasing clicks.

This was all about making the organic listing more effective to enhance your CTR.

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