DMOZ, The Open Directory Project, is Closing on March 14, 2017

Marketing on March 3, 2017 DMOZ directory

Also known as Open Directory Project (ODP), DMOZ is probably the largest and most comprehensive Web site directory in the world. But now its role will end once it closes on March 14, 2017.

The news came through a notice when DMOZ, announced on their home page yesterday that they are closing up shop.

Born in June 1998, DMOZ was first known as GnuHoo. Then, the name was replaced to NewHoo. At that time, it was a huge competitor to the Yahoo Directory. After this, it was soon obtained by Netscape in November 1998 and renamed it Netscape Open Directory. However, after some months, AOL obtained Netscape, giving AOL control of The Open Directory.

That year, it faced another competition- Google. Many from SEO community said that it was the end of the human curation of websites. Google can search page on the Internet, which is the hall mark of a human-powered directory.

Yahoo shifted to machine-generated results that pushed its directory further until its closure in September 2014. But DMOZ continued. However, most marketers and experts considered it as an irrelevant resource and the site took so long to realize that.

When it closes on March 14th, there are still other online directories where you can go to list your website. You can say it’s just an end of an era!