Best SEO strategies that will guide you in 2017

Marketing on February 3, 2017

In our last blog we have discussed about the SEO predictions for 2017, which stated about making a website go mobile- friendly and in this blog we will summarize how to craft a truly wonderful SEO strategy for 2017 to improve SEO. Here, we start with some of the specific tactics that will help you to understand few big – picture search trends-

1. Quick answers- This feature promise to change the way people search and is compatible on both mobile and desktop as well. Google has started responding to lot of queries reducing the efforts that we all put in finding the search results.

2. Keyword intent- This is one of the most vital aspect which needs a thorough understanding of the aim behind visitor’s searches. As earlier, the keywords used for SEO were inserted in the content without any alteration because a very small variation in keyword structure was considered as a real change in the searcher intent. But now with the Google’s latest updation, a little twisting in the keywords can be done.

3. Voice search- This is one of the most incredible initiative by Google providing people an effortless searching. Google voice search or search by voice is a product that facilitate users to search by speaking. We all are hearing much about this these days and it doesn’t seems likely to disappear in the coming future.

4. The value of completeness is in progress from last couple of years and was definitely in trend that continued in 2016. In this year 2017, we hope to see the same progress in this regard and you can also find group of examples of research in our next post.

We end here with our smart SEO tactics, stay tunned for our next update….