With over 2 million app in the app search stores, the mobile app developers are facing the biggest issues to make their app discovered easily in the stores today. If you’re in the mobile app marketplace, it’s important to understand the various marketing techniques for your app marketing. Here, we’ll discuss the most important marketing techniques and i.e. app store optimization aka ASO strategy.


What is ASO?

App store optimization is the SEO of the mobile app world. It’s one of the important services of marketing that not enough companies focus on, even if they do have enough paid marketing budget. While it’s not a solution that by using this suddenly you will get thousands of downloads, it also needs a thorough marketing plan.


Why is ASO important?

If you are not leveraging the benefits of App Marketing Services, you’re kind of falling flat. If you’re leveraging it, the benefits you get are significant. After all, 60-70% apps are found just through app store discovery.

With thousands of apps trying to rank higher above one another, the reality is that majority of app publishers are not investing in hiring any ASO optimization company. So, here’s the opportunity for you: ASO is your secret weapon. Invest in hiring the app store optimization company in India, and you will significantly impact your app’s ranking and overall success.


ASO strategies:

The top app marketing companies in India are focused on the same strategies as in SEO in order to get high volumes of downloads.

Keyword Researching & Planning: One of the most important strategies of ASO is searching out the best keywords. It comes down to getting a fundamental understanding of what search terms your prospective clients are using to find similar products.

App name & description: Include you main keyword in the app name and its descriptions. ASO is about writing your product’s description for search engines and you also need to write some attractive and engaging content for the user.

Screenshots: The vision of providing different screenshots of apps is to clearly highlight the most important features of the app to the clients.

Ratings and reviews: People care a lot about what other thinks about your products and the entire shopping depend on the same. So the search engines have planned their algorithms accordingly. The only thing you can do that ask as many of friends and family members as you can to download your app and leave a positive review and 5-star rating.

Along with these strategies, there are also some strategies like app icon, backlinks, SMO, and much more strategies and techniques to make the app easier to find by searchers.

In conclusion, we can mention that even if an application has innovative and interactive features along with seamless performance, one cannot skip the app marketing services providers for promoting the apps. There are various ASO service providers in India that can drive traffic to your app and attain more popularity on the app stores.


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