Another, unconfirmed Google update ‘Fred’ is shaking the SEO world

Marketing on March 24, 2017 update

Every year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times. While the majority of these changes affects search results in huge ways and now one more new update is “Fred”. However, Google has not confirmed this update. In fact, we are again having the typical Google lines from John Mueller and Gary Illyes that Google makes updates all the time.

There are no exact details on what Fred does, however, many of the automated tracking tools currently seeing a significant fluctuation in their rankings, which is indicating a new update in algorithms. Plus, with all the industry chatter, and with webmasters both complaining about ranking declines and rejoicing about ranking increases, it’s possible that there was a Google update.

The day after, one more blog was published on Search Engine Land blog post suggesting that this update was conceivably an update to combat link spam. This means that Fred is a friend of the  popular update Penguin and trying to remove web spam. However, the latest blog post written by Barry Schwartz suggests that based on data and evidence of sites affected, this update actually targets on low-value content, ad heavy and affiliate sites.