A Sneak Peek Into The Beta Search Console By Google!

Marketing on August 4, 2017 New-Search-Console

Google always turns up with something fresh and useful and continuing with the legacy, it has announced the launch of a beta console really soon. Few reports have been shared on such offering to the beta testers.


Initially, the search console was launched a decade ago, and now finally this would be turning into reality. At present, there are two dozen reports that are being showcased via tools like AMP, structured data, and even the live testing tools. These are acting as life savers to drastically improve the site’s performance on the Google search. An extensive redesign is on the cards with the clear objective to serve the clients in a better way.


Here are the major attributes that one can expect through this upcoming redesign:

  • 1. The insights are expected to be more actionable as it will group the identified issues and will contribute towards identifying the root-cause. The business would be benefit through this as the question of where to fix your code would get a logical answer. The issues will be organized into tasks with a bug tracking systems. It will offer transparency on the availability of the issue after detection by Google.
  • 2. Another important aspect that is expected to be taken care of is to provide reliable support for the organizational workflow. Having done the investigations from various organizations, we have got an understanding that a number of people are actually involved in the complete process of implementing, diagnosing, and fixing issues. Keeping it in mind, a sharing functionality would be offered to allow the user to pick-up an action item and conveniently share it with others group members.
  • 3. The feedback loops between individuals and Google would catch up speed. A new mechanism has been designed to allow the users to iterate quickly on the fixes. This will prove to be a great time saver for Google and will save the time needed to re-crawl a site and check the fixation rate. On the contrary, on-the-spot testing of the fixes will be done to speed up the crawling. Even the testing tools will entail code snippets as well as a search preview to allow the user to keep an eye on the fixation rate of the issues.


The BETA features are expected to be released in a few weeks with a new Search console to a set of users.

Source: http://searchengineland.com/