5 Easy Ways you can Follow to Maintain your Top SEO Rankings

Marketing on May 24, 2016 SEO 2016

In order to maintain that top rank that you’ve finally reached, you have to stay top on your SEO efforts. SEO is an ongoing process. Once you are in a position where you want to be, a lot of work must be done to remain there. Even a short time away from your efforts can lead you in a drop position.

Here are some ways that you can obtain to sustain the keywords for which you’ve worked so hard to achieve rankings.

1) Update your website: This sounds some intuitive, but it’s one of the common mistakes. The content of a website should always be updated as Google takes into account both content quality and content freshness as part of its ranking algorithm. As well as, “text only” articles can hinder the search engine rankings. So try to update your content by adding some videos and images to your articles, if you want to maintain our keywords.

2) Improve site speed: Site speed has always been a ranking factor in Google search. Google urges webmasters to get their page load time down to less than one second as if your website isn’t loading fast enough, your visitors will most likely resort to an alternative solution.

3) Expand your link building: Link building is an important factor in deciding how Google ranks your web pages. If you want to maintain your keyword ranking then you should expand your inbound links to all the pages on your website. This strategy will alter your backlink profile and also help to increase your overall website authority from Google’s perspective.

4) Outbound and internal links: Perhaps, it also sounds you some counter intuitive, links within your website are just as important as backlinks. Sending outbound links to authentic brands in your niche is helpful to Google to determine the relevancy of the website.

In the same way, internal linking, whenever you link to related articles on your website, is useful to maintain keyword rankings. Similar to link building, don’t overdo it by adding various links to your existing article content.

5) Grow your social media presence: Some popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn possess a high page rank in Google. The more people like and share your content, the more visibility you’ll receive from these channels. Getting relevant links from these websites will help Google determine the authenticity of your website.