5 Common Mistakes Associated With Search Engine Optimization

Marketing on August 22, 2017 common-seo-mistakes

It is a common scenario that even after taking up each step with extra care, people face failure that somewhere leaves long-term effects and puts a deep impact on the profitability. Many times, the fault lies only in one’s mindset. One such aspect wherein this kind of scenario has been observed is Search Engine Optimization.


It has been seen that there are certain behaviors that hamper the effectiveness of certain campaigns, resulting in sheer wastage of the hard-earned time and money.


Here, an attempt has been made to throw light on the five most common mindsets that people hold regarding SEO:

1. Content Topic Narcissism:  One of the trusted ways to get links is by sharing knowledge about those things that you aren’t very versed with. It is assumed that if a content is posted for which there are not many readers, then it won’t drive any leads. This mindset needs to be replaced with a better mindset that stresses upon delivering useful content as per the need of the audience. It is true that useful information sharing won’t generate immediate sales, but will surely draw the right audience and contribute towards trust building.


2. Excessive Google Pleasing:  It is extremely important to understand what the Google is emphasizing upon, but at the same time one needs to keep a check on the business decisions that they will make. One needs to get over the mindset of implementing anything which is in trend.


3. Shiny Blog Post Syndrome:  For an effective SEO, be sure to take preventive measures against the shiny blog syndrome. No doubt, it is good to observe the moves that your competitor is making, but applying the same just for the sake of it won’t bring any good to you and your business. It is always a good option to keep some time on hand to try out various tactics before finalizing the one that will work best for you.


4. SEO FOMO:  Another big mistake that the companies usually commit is becoming overwhelmed by SEO fear of missing out. We need to understand that one cannot incorporate everything that is flourishing on the web and a constant hunt for the “next big thing” won’t guarantee big returns. The truth is that one cannot simply judge the strategies that others are adopting by simply observing what is visible. Hence, it is always advisable to focus on the things that one can actually control. So, it is better to identify your goals and then decide on the best strategy for you.


5. Fear of Commitment or Box Checking:  It is a tried and tested fact that one strategy cannot work equally good for every business. It is true that search engine optimization is working like a pro, but the application varies from business to business. Like suppose, if one is handling a business that is at present at a very small scale, then the funds must be invested in the growth at the very first place rather than opting for SEO. Also, those who wish to begin SEO need to understand that once started, it demands regular up-gradation so as to reap genuine returns.


Now, much clarity must have been received on the mindset mistakes that must be avoided so as to make the most of the search engine optimization efforts.